Hike in Jeseniky Mountains
21.10.2017 Saturday

The Jeseníky Mountains is unique for its floristic richness, which is caused mainly by the altitude division and polymorphism of the landscape.

Location: North Moravia and Bohemian part of Silesia, on the border of the Moravia-Silesia and Olomouc regions.The topography of the area is rugged and mountainous with deep valleys. Vegetation is represented by flowering and acidic mountain beech groves and, at higher altitudes, by natural pine groves, alpine associations, and high moors.

Number of days: 1
Length of hiking: 20km
Level of the difficulty: upper intermediate
Elevation: 600m
The highest point of the trip: 1125m


- Forest bar without service, you take a beer or food and pay into the box :-) The bar based on the trust and honesty.
- You will experience the power of real autumn Czech mountains without crowds
- Have beautiful views from the summit Smrk 1125m
- You are going to walk on the Czech-Polish border
- You will see completely different nature than in Bohemian Paradise or Bohemian Switzerland.

The starting point of this trip is the town Olomouc We are taking a train and go together to the town Lipová Lázne from Olomouc on Saturday at 6:51.

That is why people from Prague and Brno will have to come to Olomouc on Friday evening.We will see how many people will need an accommodation and we will try to help you to find some accommodation where you could be together and for a good price.
We will need a number of people going from Prague and Brno and then will look for a suitable accommodation.
If you check Airbnb, it is possible to find some accommodation for 300czk/person.There are direct trains from Prague and also from Brno.

Contact us and we can help you to find the best connection to Olomouc.

Price: 490czk/19EUR

It includes:
One way from Olomouc to Lipová Lázne - 2 hours in the train
guide Martin
international atmosphere

It excludes:
the way back home
food, drinks

Registration here:

For further information contact us here: zuzana.herakova@aventouro.eu