Malá Fatra hiking
2-day hikign trip

Mala Fatra in winter
Mala Fatra in winter
Masla Fatra in summer
Masla Fatra in summer
Mala Fatra in autumn
Mala Fatra in autumn
Mala Fatra in fall
Mala Fatra in fall

Are you ready for an adventurous trip in Malá Fatra? Malá Fatra is a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in the north-west of Central Slovakia.

We recommend this trip to everyone who loves the wildness and wants to experience a real trekking in the mountains, because we are sleeping one night in the cabin in the middle of nowhere :-)

We are all meeting in the town Zilina and together we will go by bus to the guest house in Terchova village.
We will get to know each other and stay overnight in Terchova. it is possible to cook in the guest house.
We wake up early and start hiking, there are a lots of trails. Our guide Draho will choose the best trail for you. Everything depends on the weather conditions and also on your physical conditions :)
Not possible to cook here, but there is a restaurant and they have good traditional Slovak food for a reasonable prices.
15-20km of walking around 8 hours of hiking
Overnight in the cabin in the mountains - 1432 m

We are going to reach the highest peak in Malá Fatra, Veľký Kriváň. - 1709 m
Hiking time around 5-6 hours - 10-12 km
We will end our trip in the town Rieka. From this town is very easy to get back to Zilina. There are very good connections from Zilina to Bratislava, also Prague.
If you live in another city and you need to help how to get to Zilina, contact us. We are here for you! :)

PRICE : 1799czk/ 68EUR for the weekend 21-23.4

Private tour in Mala Fatra?

Yes it is possible!! AvenTouro z.s. is ready to prepare this trip from 2 participants.


group of 2 people 169€/person

group of 3 people 149€/person

group of 4 people 119€/person

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