Western TATRAS
2-day hiking trip 29.9-1.10. 2017

Slovak Tatras
Slovak Tatras
Western Tatras - on the way to Jakubiná summit
Western Tatras - on the way to Jakubiná summit
Very close to Banik hill - 2178m
Very close to Banik hill - 2178m
Perfect crew hiking in Western Tatras with AvenTouro
Perfect crew hiking in Western Tatras with AvenTouro
Friendly and happy people close to Green Lake in High Tatras
Friendly and happy people close to Green Lake in High Tatras

Western Tatras represent beautiful part of the High Tatras National Park sought after by tourists. The whole mountain range stretches along the length of almost 35 km, where many mighty peaks rising to the clouds can be admired and conquered.

Slovakia is not only Bratislava. If you like nature and really want to see something beautiful from this country, join this trip! 


Arrival to Liptovský Mikuláš on Friday evening, we will get to know each other and stay


We are getting up early because we want to see the beauty out there. Saturday's hike is challenging, you need to be ready for a real mountaineering and to be able to hike around 20km

Tourist route:
Tourist route: our goal is to reach the summit Sivý Vrch 1805m. You will have a stunning view everywhere around you. Going down the hill where your adrenaline raises, you will feel the power and depth of the forest (21km, 8-10 hours of hiking). We will stop at the chalet, where it is possible to taste Slovak traditional food. The time of the hiking depends on the length of our breaks and speed of the group.

The route can be still adjusted according to the physical condition of our clients.


This day will be easier. We are going to hike around 10 km. We are visiting the beautiful Kvačianska valley, where you will see the remains of the village which were destroyed during the Second World War. 

Nothing is fixed and our guide Drahomir will react operatively and adjust to your needs. 

Drahomir was born in Liptovský Mikuláš and knows this area like nobody else :-)

PRICE: 69EUR/1799kč

What is included in the price:

Pick up at the railway station by our guide and transport to the accommodation.
Accommodation - 2 nights
Service of local guide
Organization of the transport/itinerary
Transport with the car from Liptovský Mikuláš to the places where the hiking trip start.
An international atmosphere, friendly community of people.

What is not included: 

Meal, refreshments, transport to Liptovský Mikuláš,

Clothing and Gear Required: trekking or good sports boots, backpack, warm waterproof
clothing, raincoat.

The deposit is refundable 5 days before the trip.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.


Elazar from Isreal

Thanks to our guide Draho for an awesome weekend, excellent choice of routes! And thanks to you all guys, for a great company! 

Wish to see you soon!

Quirina from South Africa

Well, the guy who took us up the mountain, the wild boar, is a very cool dude indeed, this Drahomir is, and he did a fabulous job! It was an exquisite experience all round. 

Private tour in Western Tatras?

Yes it is possible!! AvenTouro z.s. is ready to prepare this trip from 2 participants.


group of 2 people 169€/person

group of 3 people 149€/person

group of 4 people 119€/person

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