What can you experience in Bohemian Paradise?

You still don't know whether to participate or not? Keep reading a post which was written by one of our participants,  Michaela Rosa (28) from Slovakia.

I visited Bohemian Paradise with AvenTouro in November 2016. We met with organizators and other trippers in front of the main railway station in Prague, we introduced ourselves and took a train together to Malá Skala. We spent time getting to know each other and chatting, the atmosphere started to be friendly. People were kind and were looking forward to spending the time in the nature, meeting new people. They seemed to be relaxed, they didn't have to think about anything, because everything had been fully organized for them. 

Our group consists of people from Czech Republic, Italy, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Brazil, Canada, USA, Pakistan.  I am the only one from Slovakia. After we entered the Bohemian Paradise, we found ourselves in another world. I saw wonderful autumn color of leaves in which excelled unusual rock formations. The fact that we didn't meet any other tourists meant that AvenTouro's trip was well-timed. 

Our guide was talking interesting facts about the places we visited, he even explained to us tourist signs which are very specific in Czech republic. It was a real labyrinth in the hearth of rocks and we talked to ourselves that we were lucky to have him here, otherwise we would probably get lost. During the lunch time we went to a local restaurant and we had fun. It was really a nice bunch of people sitting around the table and after meal it was hard to stand up and continue to hike. However, it was worth it and we enjoyed it. 

After the excursion the pleasant tiredness came and you could feel the satisfaction of participants from active day. I think about how different might look ordinary Sunday. You can experience adventure and meet new friends, you can even have experience of a lifetime or you can spend the whole day in the bed watching a TV. We ourselves make decisions that create our life.