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Who are we?

AvenTouro is a non-profit and local-friendly eco-travel-educational organization specialized in operating hiking, trekking events, and other outdoor activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We want to take you out, reconnect you with nature ans show you the beauty out there. We are a group of young educated, passionate and optimistic people who love what they do.

Our goals

Our goal is to support and develop the sustainable growth of Czech and Slovak eco-activities overall while maintaining the local travel market with a main focus on people and ecology. We thrive to create a safe, friendly and international communities in the countries. 

Our mission


We are dedicated to providing authentic and personalized outdoor eco-events and cultural trips. Our mission is to introduce you to the wilderness and natural beauty of various stunning destinations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We want you to reconnect with nature, learn how to protect it and why. Your satisfactory and memorable experience is always our top priority.



Our team


Event coordinator

Big lover of mountains, nature, and animals. In charge of marketing, preparing outdoor tours, responsible for sales and communication with clients.


Co-founder & Tour guide

The biggest support of AvenTouro. He helps with everything that is needed. Master of tours in Slovak Paradise and Low Tatras in Slovakia. A good photographer and a patient and happy guide.


A lawyer by the weekdays and a guide by the weekends. Always eager to return to the mountains while sitting by the work desk. An important members since the beginning of AvenTouro and a Bohemian Paradise master. 

Passionate nature lover and part-time Aventouro guide. You can meet him on our tours to Karlstejn, Jeseniky or Alps. His current mission is to become an International Mountain Leader and escape the corporate world where is currently working in administration.


Great passion for cross-country skiing and hiking. Grew up between Jizera mountains and Cesky Raj, she is an expert tour guide for these areas.  Very enthusiastic and dedicated to AvenTouro despite her busy schedule of a part-time job and studying for a Ph.D. 

A Ph.D. student of political science at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts. Huge love for hiking in nature, especially mountains. It's the best opportunity for getting to know people. That's why AvenTouro trips are so interesting, entertaining, and pleasant for him.

A sociologist and a scientific employee of Charles University. Big love for politics, hitchhiking, traveling and dancing. Meeting people and listening to their stories makes her a more empathetic and enlightened person. The best way to do it is on a walk! That's why she enjoys the AvenTouro journey.

A hard worker during the week and a nature walker in the weekend. It's "crazy", energetic and enthusiastic Bara. Hiking, nature, and meeting people is the best combination. Each trip would be a unique experience. 

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