4 must-see places outside of Prague!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Explore stunning and amazing destinations out of Prague, just few kilometers from the city and totally different world.

Karlstejn Village, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic by Kirill_M

Prague is the awesome trip location but if you are staying more than a weekend I truly recommend you to take a train or a bus and travel just couple hours by reaching totally another natural side of this awe-inspiring country! These National Parks are really from a different world and by visiting even one of these you will get more than you could ever believe from you regular city vacation.

So take a comfortable position, lift your table calendar up and make a space for a one-day trip on our Prague vacation! It is totally worth of that.

1. Bohemian Switzerland

Saana Peurasaari (Finland) in Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland has a fairy-tale landscape of Bohemian, which has a mystical landscape of Sandstone rock walls and majestic rock towers, green pine forests, deep valleys, canyons, rock cities and labyrinths rising up from them, which make this National Park extraordinary unique.

Its forests and plants feel almost revelation, the height of the trees, thousands of shades of green and the unique hill shaped park is absolutely breathtaking and fascinating.

When you visit in Bohemian Switzerland Pravčická gate is a must-see landmark. It is known as the most photogenic spot in the National Park and it is also playing a part of the movie Narnia! The archway stands offer stunning view of the mountains, rock formations and forests nearby on each side.

Boat trips through the Wild Gorge are another experiences what you have to test while being there! A mystique ride along the river and boat between stonewalls with the steep side is an adorable adventure. A boat will take you along the river and guide will describe the most imaginative looking rock formations during the boat trip. The trail to the boat is flat and easy and it is suitable for anyone.

Aventouro hikes 15 kilometers on most popular trail in Bohemian Switzerland which difficulty level of hiking is easy, but in total it’s surface area of this national park is 79km2. It is around 100km away from Prague so it can easily be visited on a day trip but if you have time you can definitely spent there the whole weekend. Simplest is to get there with train and bus combination.

If you would like to have a local guide for this area, click here to find more about the trip.

2. Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise has being a big creativity source of writers, painters and all kind of artists for ages. This unique combination of deep pine forests, bizarre rock formations, sublime villages of timber, majestic castles and and the Jizera River have also helped to name this National Park one of the UNESCO Geo Parks.

Over 60 million years ago eroded sandstone rock towers have got their stunning shape because of wind and rain. Best experience of Bohemian Paradise will be convinced if you reach the incredible viewpoints by climbing the rocks and see the whole adorable Natural Park which is impressive 181km2.

Majestic castles are the must-see landmarks in Bohemian Paradise. Make sure you see these four castles while visiting there. First is Trosky Castle, which is built in the 14th century. Placed on the summit of two volcanic apexes, from the castle opens mesmerizing appearance and postcard views. The second castle is The Vranov Rock Fortress, also known as Pantheon that is a site what cannot be missed from Mala Skala. The castle is built in the 15th century. Another impressive castle in ruins and worth of visiting is Frydstejn castle. It has been built in the14th century. Fourth is Castle Hruba Skala.

You can go to Bohemian Paradise by the combination of bus and train or by direct bus or train from Prague and the length of the way is around 90 kilometers. Direct trains travel take about 1hr45mins to complete the journey.

Aventouro hikes 14 km long easy or low-intermediate circuit around MaláSkala by visiting three different churches during the hike. Bohemian Paradise is a perfect day-trip destination from Prague but again if you have more time you can easily spent there the whole weekend.Natural attractions for Bohemianare the Beside Rocks. Getting best of by them you have toramble through the incredible labyrinth of narrow passageways between rocks and to wering sandstone rock formations. If you wish to have a private local guide, click here to learn more about private tour in Bohemian Paradise.

3. Snežka – the highest summit of Czechia

Snežka is an absolutely astonishing mountain with ajaw-dropping view, which shares a Czech and Polish border and this border is also open between these two countries. You need to take a bus to get to the the point where the hike starts. The journey by bus takes around 2,5 hours. Snežka is perfect day trip destination and it is around 180 kilometers from Prague.

The start is in Špindlerův Mlýn. The hike has in total around 20 km, 7-8 hours of walking. Some parts of path can be steep and you and your knees must be ready for it! 

If you are too tired after reaching the summit, it is possible to go down by cable car 180czk/person.

Difficulty of the hike is intermediate. We don't suggest this trip to beginners. If have have never hiked before but you are in a good shape, you will likely manage it.

4. Karlstejn castle and Velka Amerika

Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia found Karlstejn’s gothic castle in 1340s. The castle was kept as a place for safekeeping the Bohemian crown jewels, the Imperial Regalia, Holy relics and other royal hoards. It has an original looking and probably because of that it is one of the most popular castles in Czechia.

Village Sv. Jana pod Skalou is definitely worth of seeing because of its cave, prison, mysterious school and Benedictine monastery that served as a labour camp.Another part of the trip is Velka America also known as Big America and Czech Grand Canyon. It is an abandoned limestone quarry which is partly flooded. From Velka America to 1,3 km west is Malá America also known as Little America, which is also format in the place of old minding. Long minding tunnels connect these two quarries with each other. This place has its unique view and it have attracted many Czech filmmakers during its history. It is also famous among professional divers.

Karlštejn town and Czech America is easiest to reach by train and same time enjoying the beautiful scenery and route to it. The way from Prague to it is only 30 kilometers and it will take less than one hour. If your want to know more about its history, book yourself a private tour with AvenTouro. Click here to find out more information on the tour to Karlštejn castle and Little America.

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Author: Saana Peurasaari

Photos: Kirill_M, Saana Peurasaari, AvenTouro


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