80 Days to Get Visa for the Czech Republic From Turkey/Istanbul

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am Beyza, from Istanbul, Turkey. I am 24 years old and studied Advertising, Communication Design Management also Psychology in Istanbul Bilgi University. I have been Erasmus in Belgium 2 years ago and before graduation, I was sure that I would like to have another Erasmus experience. I found AvenTouro from the platforms which are provided by my university's web page. We got in touch very quickly, and I never thought I'd get approval so quickly. But, of course, not everything is as easy as finding an internship. I have already known how to preparing documents for consulate from the Erasmus study mobility that I had done about 3 years ago. But let me tell you this, I never expected that it will be so hard to get a visa.

First of all, I started to collect the documents requested by my university. Because if you want to get a grant, you have to give all of these documents to your school. My language certificate had expired and I had to take the language exam again. Also here are the other requested documents by my university for my all Erasmus intern period.

Information about what university want,

During the Application Process

Letter of Acceptance (Sample)

Erasmus + Learning Agreement For Traineeships - (Before The Mobility Part)


Before the Mobility

Committment Letter

Course Equivalence Form

Exchange Permission Form

Copy Pages Of Your Health Insurance Policy (Full Scope And Including The Flight Dates) (Health+ Accident + Personal Liability)

During the Mobility

Erasmus + Learning Agreement For Traineeships - (During The Mobility Part)

After the Mobility

Credit Transfer Form (For Undergraduates)

Credit Transfer Form (For Graduates)

Certification Of Participation

Erasmus + Learning Agreement For Traineeships - (After The Mobility Part)

Online Final Report (After Completion of All Documents The Form Will Be Sent Automatically To Your E-mails)

I was climbing all the steps one by one. At the same time, I continued my classes at university. After completing the paperwork and the results of my language exam, I learned that I was entitled to go to an internship. Of course, I felt on top of the world but I was unaware of what is waiting for me. I didn't realize my real adventure had just begun.

My university said that I need to start visa procedures as soon as possible. I already made my appointment at the consulate before my university announces to me. All I had to do was collect the necessary paperwork. Here are the all required paper from consulate, but do not forget to get an appointment before you applied to consulate. Also you should take appointment via email from consulate.

Here is the email address to get appointment from consulate, Consulate_Istanbul@mzv.cz

(You should share with them, your Passport number, your name-surname, number of your phone, email address and If it is possible, acceptance letter’s screenshots)

I was starting to prepare most of it. In a short period of time, my documents were ready, except for my accommodation letter and the original letter of acceptance. The consulate wanted the original wet signature of both. Zuzana had posted my papers, but they hadn't reached me, even though it was 2-3 weeks later.

It was a day for my consulate appointment, but my paperwork was missing. I told them that I couldn't go that day and that I had to postpone. My appointment was postponed to another date. I received the paperwork sent by Zuzana. However, the original document of accommodation did not exist. I went to the consulate with my other documents because I didn't want to miss this appointment either. They processed it later than the scheduled appointment time. They checked my papers and immediately gave me the bitter news. They stated that my accommodation certificate was wrong and that it should be notarized. I asked for sample documents, but they just gave me an explanation.

They postponed my appointment again. The next process was much more painful. I didn't know what to do. Because neither the school nor the consulate was helpful. I searched the agencies that provided the paperwork, I contacted a lot of dormitories and at that moment I was ready to pay too much money to just one paper. Because Zuzana had posted to me 3-4 times and I didn't know what to ask her for. But I didn't stop trying my last chance. After I said that we had to make a rent contract, all the nodes started to unravel one by one. Before that, Matej, Zuzana and I made skype. They had to get to know me before I became a roommate. The next day, I got the mail that they sent the contract. Of course, it took two weeks. As soon as I received the paperwork, I went to the consulate and this time it was okay. I applied the 28th of March finally for the visa.

I finished all my paperwork. I was supposed to wait for my visa. I started counting the days. After 1 month waiting period, I started to send mail to everyone. Because I should have to get the end of the month. They said the average waiting time was 60 days. But I should have started my internship in early May. April, May, then came June. I was just waiting all this time. This time I was e-mailing every day to the consulate. They said there was nothing they could do about the issue and that the visa would be issued by the Czech foreign ministry. Then, I started emailing the ministry. They did an automatic mail return.

I finally tweeted directly to the Secretary of State. He said that I should contact the relevant people from the cabinet. I did as he said. While waiting for the return from the cabinet, Zuzana sent mail, there were some problems in her life, but the embassy has contacted her and informed me that my visa may be issued soon. It was just like she said. My visa came out after 1 day. I didn't know what to do. I had a disappointment in waiting. I even left the company I worked in Istanbul. Everyone around me was asking for my visa, and I was too tired to say I'm still waiting. I waited for 80 days to get a visa. This figure goes up to 90 days. If you want to come to the Czech Republic for a long-term stay. You must make your application at least 3 months before the date you will go. Otherwise, you may lose 2 months of your internship period. You will handle all of the documents without problems, but I strongly advise you to make a rental agreement. This will be the most assured way.

Note; When it comes to the Czech Republic, you have to go to the immigration office for registration. Be prepared to wait there for about 5-6 hours in advance. Because to come to the Czech Republic, life is very difficult if you are not a European citizen.


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