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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Exploring the breathtaking nature of the Czech Republic with Jacopo Wayne Santarella from Italian.

Bohemian Paradise by pszabo

My fascination for hiking trips started very far from Czechia. In June 2015, I was finally realizing one of my dreams: visiting Canada, the country where I’ve been dreaming to move for a few years now. After the first week spent exploring and admiring the inner core of Vancouver, I decided to participate in one of the many activities proposed by the hostel where I was staying: a day long hiking trip to Capilano Forest. It was an astonishing sight, with centuries-old trees that can reach heights of over 60 meters, and the possibility of having a thrilling stroll across the world famous Suspension Bridge, standing 70 meters above the river that names the area.

Selfie of Jacopo

When I came back to Prague, my need to be surrounded by natural beauty like this was still strong, but I was also afraid of being disappointed: could the sights that Czechia has to offer be on par? Could this country still deliver, even after having my bar set so high? The pictures I looked at before taking my first hiking trip to Bohemian Switzerland with AvenTouro didn’t really help me to settle the argument. So I packed my bag, put on my hiking boots and set off to find out.

Bohemian Paradise by Jacopo Wayne Santarella

After a good part of the morning spent climbing up (while cursing at myself for all those evening spent in the company of Netflix rather than my running shoes and the outside) we finally reached the highest point of the park. From here, I could admire the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe, low green hills fading off at a far distance which reminded me of sights not uncommon in Piedmont, and rocky formations beautifully sculpted by the expert and caring hands of the wind and the rain.

It was then that I felt incredibly relieved. Because I realized that what I had been trying to do up until that point was no different to comparing shirts and trousers: it was utterly pointless.

Bohemian Switzerland by Jacopo Wayne Santarella

From the natural beauties of the Bohemian Switzerland and Bohemian Paradise, to the refined and fairy tale-like appearance of the Karlštejn Castle, or the adrenaline-guzzling canoeing trip on the river Sázava, these hiking trips never delivered short. Mind you, it wouldn’t be possible to have such great experiences without the right scenery as a background. But AvenTouro always managed to add that extra touch of personality to them. The guides always being on hand (despite me always getting lost behind the rest of the group while taking pictures!) and their willingness to make sure that everyone is enjoying the moment at its fullest are what really set these tours apart from all else.

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The AvenTouro tours. Good for the legs. Good for the soul. Impossible to stop at just one.

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Author: Jacopo Wayne Santarella

Photos: pszabo, Jacopo Wayne Santarella

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