Bohemian Switzerland - Amazingly shocking experience

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Memorable and interesting experience of Evelina (22) from Lithuania in the marvelous Bohemian Switzerland.

Pravcicka Gate, Bohemian Switzerland by jsk12

I visited Bohemian Switzerland with AvenTouro in August 2017. It was my first hiking experience, I was not sure if I have the right shoes, enough amount of snacks and water. However, organizers made me calm, because there is a possibility to get snacks and drinks on the way and no hiking experience needed to enjoy this trail. 

You know that feeling when you are going to join the group, but you don't know anyone?

We all met at the main Prague railway station. I was amazed because when we shortly introduced ourselves, there were 15 people from 12 different countries! We took a train and then a little bus to get to the National Park - Bohemian Switzerland. It was the best moment to get to know each other. Some of them already were in the other tours of AvenTouro and they shared that it's been always well organized, and if something happens the CEO is super flexible to help and solve the problems.

On the way, everyone was relaxed, engaging and easy going. Once we arrived, our friendly guide shortly told about the National Park and places we are going to see. We took a step on the natural trail by the name Gabriel Trail. This trail led us from the settlement of Mezní Louka right up to the famous Pravčická brána. 

Insanely beautiful panoramic view

We continued our road down the hill. Some of the way is intertwined with a labyrinth of rocks, tunnels and footbridges. In the halfway we stopped in the restaurant, were there was a possibility to try delicious (at least for me) Czech cuisine and refreshing Czech beer or lemonade.

I was surprised that some of the trail parts could have been travelled by little boats with a gondolier. The gondolier was very fun, but spoke only Czech or German, however because of the local guide, he could translate every joke and story to English language. 

Did you hear that the weather in Czechia is unexpected?

Exactly... the second boat trip we had once it started to rain. Most of us were prepared, because all of us, few days before the trip got emails about recommended things to have for a hike. Those who had no raincoats, were lucky as the guide took some extra! Thanks Andrej!

To sum up, during this trip I spoke with at least 8 people and all of them had such a different personalities, full of different experiences whom which I could be inspired and learn a lot! I discovered my passion for hikes and I already made some plans to discover Czechia and my home country - Lithuania even more! I strongly recommend this trip to anyone, even to parents with kids, beginners or professional hikers, because it is a really great place to refresh your mind, soul and treat your body with being in nature all day long.

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Author: Evelina

Photos: jsk12, Evelina, AvenTouro

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