Differences between life in Iran and Czechia

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

From the view of an Iranian doing internship in the Czech Republic for 6 months.

Prague by Olga

In summer of 2015 I moved from Iran to Hungary to pursue a bachelor degree in photography in a Hungarian university, setting up the move wasn’t easy, I encountered many problems, from getting my educational papers recognized in Hungary to getting a visa, it was all done with many ups and downs, but finally I managed to get a visa and move to Hungary, after spending a year and a half in Hungary I decided that I needed to see the world and experience different cultures so I signed up for the Erasmus program through my university and after many back and forth with the university and mountains of paperwork I got them to sign my application and I came to Czechia, I wanted to live in the big city, as I always was a city boy so before coming I researched for companies in or around Prague so I can ask for an internship and move there. After many hours of research, I found Aventouro and after some initial talks we agreed over a six months internship for me in the company as a marketing intern.

Mohammad Movahed

Living in non-English-speaking countries is always hard, the language barrier is huge, specially with the older generation, as they usually don’t speak English, maybe if they are highly educated which you probably won’t see many but with the younger generation it’s easier as most of them at least able to communicate the with a basic level of English which they probably learned through school but I never expect much. The language is not going to be a huge issue in the day to day life for things like grocery shopping or going out but It’s always safe to say to learn some basics, so you can at least say thank you and things in that nature, but working in a local company is basically impossible without learning the language, there are few exceptions for international companies but other than that don’t hold your breath.

Beyond the language barrier then there is the cold, you have to get used to it because it can get pretty cold, specially for people like me who are coming from warm places, but don’t get me wrong, the city is beautiful in the winter, the talk naked trees, Gothic churches with towers reaching the sky, and warm wine on the street, it all can be mesmerizing as long as you have enough layers of clothing on you. Other than winter all the other seasons are pretty tame, the summer won’t get hotter than 35 degrees, for me who lived through 40 plus weather back in Iran, 35 is not that bad but don’t underestimate that either, as you probably need a cooling device, whether it be a ceiling fan or a standing one, you gonna need one no matter, specially if you have windows which get sunny during the day because without a fan it can get pretty hot, believe me, I’ve tried it 😊

Azadi Tower, Tehran, Iran by Alireza Heydarifard

In the world of entertainment there is nothing you won’t find in Prague, as the city is culturally rich in many areas, from symphonic operas to classical theater you will find it all, although with a bit of a price tag, if you’re looking to get the good seats, in case you’re into bars and pubs you will find many of those around, many of them even specialize over one specific theme, whether it be steampunk or Ice bar, they got it all. Me personally am not much of a drinker so I don’t hang around those kind of places but I do enjoy a good symphony, many people here are into drinking so I lose many opportunities to make friends in bars but if you fancy yourself a beer buddy you sure will find one in Prague, as the city has probably the highest beer consumption rate in the world.

It’s always nice to have some international friends around, who speak good English and can hold up a decent conversation, to find those kind of people you have to look for a while but there are ways to find them, for me it’s always through internet, I used to use dating apps to find friends and even potential partners, but that might not workout for everybody as it did for me, but looking through online forums and even sites like reddit can be a good start, if you have a specific taste try one of the many local subreddits for Prague, there are always people who like to meet and connect and if you like to meet people in person you might like our own website, which is for people like us who are looking to find new people, connect and in the meantime enjoy great time in the outdoor areas around Prague and neighboring cities.

Charles Bridge, Prague by katyandgeorge

We organize hiking trips in all seasons, skiing in the winter, canoeing and rafting in summer and some other specialty programs in between, so be sure to check out our website regularly as we put up new events every month and if you’re into Facebook, check our Facebook page for the latest events and even some cool tips on hiking!

This was a quick write up of what I experience during my move from Iran to Czech Republic.

I will be putting out more posts about my experience here so see the blog for the latest updates.

Have fun till the next time!

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Author: Mohammad Movahed

Photos: Pixabay, Unsplash


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