How to get to Bohemian Paradise from Prague

It should not be missed if you travel to Czech Republic, Prague is beautiful but nature is stunning as well. One of the most beautiful natural places is definitely Bohemian Paradise for its magical rock formations, labyrinths, breathtaking views and castles.

There are more options how to get to this amazing national park.The best starting hiking point is Malá Skála, it is a little picturesque village where you can find typical Czech houses from the past.

The second also very good starting place is the town called Turnov.

Typical old wooden house in Bohemian Paradise

Travel by car

You can rent a car very easily in Prague. It is around 100km and the ride takes around one hour what is amazing. The rental of the car costs around 800czk/32EUR per day. The fuel will cost you around 600czk/24EUR, it means it will be in total approximately 56EUR for the transport.

Travel by train

Go there by local transport. The best way how to get there is to take a train. There is no direct bus to Bohemian Paradise and we do not recommend it as it is sometimes tricky to find a right platform where the bus leaves from. It is even for locals sometimes hard. The new train travel company ARRIVA goes directly to Bohemian Paradise what is great. The round-ticket will cost you around 220CZK/9EUR/person. There are much more options how to get there, you can check the train timetable on the

Take a tour and care about nothing

Does it sound too much complicated anyway? Do you wish to be worry-free? There are rock labyrinths and you might get lost or miss some important must- see places. Buy a cheapest private tour on the market with the friendly guide and learn all important information about the GEOPARK. It is possible to get a group discount. All reviews can be read here:

If you wish to save the money, it is possible to buy it directly on the website of AvenTouro here:

We wish you a safe travel, enjoy Bohemian Paradise or any other national park you will choose to visit. Do you need any other information about the national park? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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