Lifesaver Tips Surviving Lightning Storm For Hikers

Mother Nature does not always offer beauty. Sometimes, nature shows how powerful it is at unexpected moments.

In August 2019, 5 people lost their lives in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, 2 of them were children.

They did not check the weather forecast, and they had no idea how to behave in nature during the storm. We should take a lesson and learn what to do when in a situation in which loss of life or serious harm is possible.

There are many hikers who lost their lives due to storm lightning, burned and suffered serious damage. Has It ever happened to you? And what did you do? Did you try to run? Did you know what precautions to take?

If you do not know and want to be ready for rainy dangerous weather while hiking, take a look at our article. What to do when the storm is coming?

Weather forecast - prevention first

First of all, you need to check the weather forecast before and plan your hike accordingly. If the weather forecast predicts very bad conditions, It is better to stay safe, we recommend you to postpone your hike to another date or hour.

Also here is the most trustful platform to check the weather forecast:časí/týden/praha_Česko_3067696

Or course, Mother Nature can sometimes surprise you and a lightning storm will come anyway. In that case, here are some lifesaver tips.

No panic

The first thing to do, don’t panic, as you know that many accidents happen because of that.  You need to be calm and know how to manage the crisis. It is not recommended to run. The lightning can pass through the current of air created behind you. Moreover, you are under the risk of injuring yourself by falling.

No metal objects

The second thing to do, get rid of your metal objects immediately. (ice ax, trekking poles, tent poles, climbing gear, phone, camera any metal frame.)

You should stay away from the metal object at least 100 feet (30m). Also, you should stay far from water points around 330 feet (100m). The water also conducts electricity very well as metal objects.

Find a shelter

The third thing, find a secure place. If you're on a ridge or in an open area (like a summit, high meadow or on a lake), retreat to a sheltered area. Try to descend in a gully, it is better than to stay on a ridge. You can try to find the forest, but do not choose the tallest tree. If you cannot find any secure place, do not lie down, the percentage to be a target by storm lighting is higher in that position. You should crouch down with your feet close together. If you are in a tent, get out of the tent, poles attract lighting as well.

Keep your distance

The fourth advice, stay far from hiking partner at least 20 feet (50cm) away. The human body contains a lot of water, and that is why It conducts electricity very well.

Position to take

Here is the best position which is the best to take during the strong storm.

If you do know the place, get a guide

If you are in a foreign country and you do know the mountains, it is better to go there with a guide. They know what to expect, what is best and how to stay safe. Mountains are beautiful but you must be ready for everything once you hike there.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and useful. Fortune favors the prepared mind! 


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