Slovak Paradise – Prielom Hornádu, frozen unique beauty in Slovakia

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

It is a pity that a lots of places in this hidden heart of Europe remain unknown and when you come there you can hear Slovak, Czech and sometimes Hungarian or Polish languages and that is it, there are no people from western Europe, Asia, America. Why not? We are not sure why, but do you want to change it?

AvenTouro tour in Slovak Paradise

Prielom Hornádu is canyon 16km long which is located in eastern part of Slovak national park called Slovak Paradise. When tourists visit Slovakia, they usually visit only its capital Bratislava and if they have more time, they sometimes go to High Tatras. Those places are very beautiful indeed, but mainly known thanks to media. That's why AvenTouro wants to introduce to you one of the infamous wonderful destinations in Slovakia.

During the summer this area is very gorgeous. If you don't like monotonous trails, you will definitely love this place! It is needed to cross through 7 bridges, 130 ladders and about 70 meters of wooden footbridges. There are approximately 320 meters of chains that will help you in this adventure. The difficulty of this trail is suitable also for kids, you just need to have a bit of courage and shouldn't be scared of heights. Even though it is still worth to go even if you are scared because that feeling when you go out of comfort zone is indescribable and you will be proud of yourself.

Slovak Paradise is even more marvelous in winter with frozen river Hornad and waterfalls all around you. One amazing thing about the river Hornad is that it freezes only sometimes not every winter. Thus, this phenomenon is very rare and when it happens, people are able to drive hundred kilometers to see it. If you are seeking something beautiful and authentic, for sure you do not want to miss the chance.

This mesmerizing National Park has more than 100 ladders and wooden bridges, which is why it might be more difficult to hike in the winter. Yet, it is the adventurous part of the trip right? With AvenTouro, we will ensure the safety and security of the trip as well as a satisfactory and memorable experience for each of our customers. Check out some upcoming tours.

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Author: Zuzana Heráková

Photos: AvenTouro, Matej Hlebaško


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