Underrated beautiful nature in Slovakia

Slovakia is like the hidden gem in Europe. There are plenty of amazingly stunning destinations besides Bratislava; however, not so many people have yet discovered them.

Vratna Valley, Mala Fatra in Slovakia

With numerous national parks and protected landscape areas, Slovakia is considered a tourist's paradise. Besides, the country surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and breathtaking valley is one of the favorite destinations for outdoor adventurers. AvenTouro will present you some of the most stunning Slovak destinations for your bucket list.

Tatra Mountains

Forming a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, Tatra mountains are protected by Tatra National Parks of both countries recognized by UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The national parks is the home for a wide variety of around 3500 plants and approximately 700 different animals. It consists of the Eastern (Belianske and High Tatras) and Western Tatras.

Stunning nature in High Tatras

High Tatras is probably the most popular among Tatras mountain ranges with the tallest mountain in the country - Gerlachovsky stit (2,655 m). While hiking in High Tatras, you might stumble upon numerous picturesque mountain lakes, especially Popradske Pleso - the most famous lake here and Zelene Pleso - the green lake. You can find lots of different animals including tamed foxes that you can feed, wild chamois and cute marmots in High Tatras. The peaceful and breathtaking scenery of High Tatras is totally worth exploring if you are an avid outdoor lovers.

Mountain ranges in Western Tatras

Western Tatras is certainly not a mainstream travel destination and almost untouched by tourists. Thus, if you love to discover some unknown places without crowds, hiking to in Western Tatras is the perfect adventure. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the mighty landscapes with some of the mountains peaking above the clouds. Like High Tatras, many beautiful lakes can be found along the hiking path.

Click here to find out some interesting trips to Tatra mountains with AvenTouro's local tour guides.

Mala Fatra

Mala Fatra, Slovakia

In the north-west of Central Slovakia, Mala Fatra is a unknown beautiful travel destination comprising of astonishing mountain ranges and charming valleys. It is another ideal place to experience the wilderness untouched by tourists. The highest peak in Mala Fatra is Velky Krivan (1709 m) where you can admire the unique and grandiose scenery after conquering the mountain. AvenTouro offers a two-day trip experiencing a real mountain trekking including a delightful night in a cottage in the middle of the mountains. Click here to find out more.

Slovak Paradise National Park

Beautiful scenery in Slovak Paradise

Situated in Eastern Slovakia, Slovak Paradise National Park is famous for its karst plateau, rocky gorges, charming waterfalls and Dobsinska ice cave. Unique paths with wooden ladders and metal platforms and bridges along the gorges attracts plenty of climbers and hikers. Even though the trail are not particularly challenging, it is still quite an adventure walking through the deep rocky gorges and climbing up the waterfall. Only one hour by car from Kosice, Slovak Paradise is a must-see destination if you ever visit Slovakia.

There are more 300 underground caves in the national park, but Dobsinska ice cave is the only one that is open for public. It has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage since 2000 with almost all the cave areas are covered in ice. Dobsinska is also considered one of the most essential ice cave in the world as the total ice volume reach up to 125,000 cubic metres. If you're interested in explore this wonderful national park, check out some of AvenTouro's upcoming public tours or contact us for a tailor made private tour.

After visiting Slovak Paradise, we recommend you to explore the alluring mountain ranges in Low Tatras, which is just one by car from the national park. Lying below its brother - High Tatras, Low Tatras features majestic landscapes of impressive mountains, wild deep forests, stunning waterfalls and diverse species of animals.

Sunset in Low Tatras, Slovakia

Slovak nature offers various untouched destinations for any avid adventure lovers. The hiking trails in these destinations are normally longer and more challenging than other national parks in Europe, yet what you discover after a long hike is extremely worth it.

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