Weekend getaway in Bohemian Switzerland

Are you looking for a weekend getaway in Czech Republic? Then a hiking trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park is perfect for you.

Pravcicka Sandstone Gate in Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland is no doubt one of the most popular and beautiful national parks in Czech Republic. It is also among most favorite hiking tours organized by AvenTouro. Take a look at our itinerary for a two-day trip exploring this stunning destination.

Day 1

Normally, the trip starts at 8.30 am when everyone gathers at Prague Main Train Station. We would take one-and-half-hour train to a town called Decin, and continue with a short journey by bus to Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Once we get there, our tour guide will have a small game which you can get to know other participants from all over the world. The trip is an ideal way to enjoy the nature and make new friends as well.

Falcon's Nest and Pravcicka Gate

Our first stop is the famous Pravcicka Gate, the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. This impressive gate, a symbol of Bohemian Switzerland, is obviously a must-see attraction in the national park. Situated next to the monument, the lovely Falcon's Nest was once a castle, but it is a now restaurant with ancient interiors from 19th century and a photo gallery of the national park. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery in the terrace right under the Pravcicka Gate or climb a little higher to a lookout point.

Hiking trails with beautiful scenery

After the Pravcicka Gate, we will continue hiking around the national park on the Gabriella’s path. The route of total 15km is suitable for beginner level hikers. Our tour guide will take you along the deep green forest, or around astonishing rock formations with picturesque landscape along the way. After few hours of hiking, we will have a lunch break in a Czech style restaurant, but you can bring your meal. Subsequently, two boat trips to Wild Gorge and Edmund Gorge is the next stage of our itinerary. The first one is 450m long, and the other is 960m long. You can admire the mighty gorges and the charming river nested in between while listening to interesting stories about different rocks and statues along the way.

Boat trip in Edmund Gorge

We will end the first day by a cozy dinner in a local restaurant or a Czech-style BBQ in our guesthouse if the weather allows.

Day 2

A night in our lovely guesthouse up in the mountain then waking up to amazing mountainous landscape is a perfect way to start off the second day. Then a quick breakfast with your new friends to keep your energy up. The second day hiking route to three different rocks is shorter; however, it consists of ups and downs for low-intermediate level hikes, which is slightly more challenging and exciting than the first day.

View from the mountainous guesthouse

We will first hike to the lookout point Maria's Rock, a hidden gem in Bohemian Switzerland National Park with fabulous panorama. Climbing up 240 stairs might be a bit grueling and exhausting, but the view is totally worth it in the end. Afterward, our tour guide will take you to the second destination called Vilemina's Wall offering another stunning lookout scenery, which is easier to reach and you can enjoy a short break on top. The last rock is the most challenging one with steep wooden ladders and steel stairs attached between the rocks.

Hike to three different rocks

Before returning to Prague by train, we will have the lunch in a local restaurant with a variety of Czech cuisine. Of course, feel free to prepare your own meal. It is a great way to end a two-day trip exploring the marvelous Bohemian Switzerland National Park. If you're interested in this tour, check our some of upcoming public tours for the exact dates or contact us for a tailor made private tour. For this trip, we cover transportation, professional tour guide, entrance tickets, boat fees and accommodation.

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Author & Photo: Chau Hoang


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