What to choose: Bohemian Paradise/ Cesky Raj or Bohemian Switzerland/ Ceske Svycarsko?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Most people when they come to the Czech Republic hear about beautiful places like Bohemian Paradise or Bohemian Switzerland that must be visited, but very few of them knows what exactly are those places and even fewer knows that it's 2 different places! Both are protected National Parks in different locations in Czechia with exquisite specific characteristics.  If you want to know more about these two natural gems before you visit them, keep reading!

Bohemian Paradise (left) & Bohemian Switzerland (right)

Bohemian Paradise - UNESCO Geopark

The Bohemian Paradise is located in North-East Bohemia, nearly 60 km north-eastward from the capital city Prague. There is a direct train, It takes around 2 hours to get there from Prague. People usually hike around the village called Mala Skala or around the town Turnov. It is an easy level of hiking but for some people it might seem to be more difficult if they don't walk often.

Morning in Bohemian Paradise by Václav Bacovský

The uniqueness of the local landscape is given by the combination of amazing rock formations, calm nature and astonishing views. The places is not as overcrowded as it is in Bohemian Switzerland national park. Rock formations and sandstones are in both national parks, that is why a lots of people might think that Bohemian Paradise and Bohemian Switzerland is the same place.

Rock formations in Bohemian Paradise by Václav Bacovský

The forces of wind, water, frost, erosion shaped many rocks, you can admire lofty sandstone large rocks here, worn into unique and wonderful shapes, some of which are 60m tall.

We recommend this place to people who want to escape the hustle of the city of Prague. If you would like to explore this place with a friendly guide who knows the area, AvenTouro provides also a private tour leader. You pick a date, number of people and we are ready to prepare for you a cool day among the trees.

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Bohemian Switzerland

A mystical landscape of pine forests and charming valleys, with incredible rock towers, Pravcice gate, walls, rock labyrinths. The picturesque region in the north-western Czech Republic, just a 2 hours by train from Prague, located north of Prague.

Pravcicka Gate, Bohemian Paradise by jsk12

This place is getting very popular thanks to the unique and splendid UNESCO Pravcice gate which is the largest arch in Europe. You need to pay for the entrance to get a nice view on this unique rock formation. Pravcicka Brana (Pravcicka Gate), Europe’s largest sandstone arch, standing 52 feet (16 meters) high. What is interesting about the touristic route is that you have an opportunity to float on the motor boats through 2 beautiful gorges. It is an amazing experience and should not be missed.

Kamenice river, Bohemian Switzerland by pyty

Be aware that this place is getting more and more popular, so there might be crowds waiting in line for Pravcice gate and boats, but it is really worth it. It is an unique place! If you think that you would need a professional guide who would lead you through the best places in Bohemian Switzerland, AvenTouro is ready to get you a right person for it.

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To conclude both national parks are worth visiting, the level of hiking is very similar. Though Bohemian Paradise is not as commercial as Bohemian Switzerland.

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Author: Zuzana Heráková

Photos: Nik_Sorokin, jsk12, Václav Bacovský, pyty


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