Where to find a good coffee in Brno?

Drinking tasty coffee is always important to me. I love to discover small coffee shops in the cities which I'm in. Especially, discovering delicious desserts also is the best part of it. While I am living in Brno, I discovered coffee shops to read a book or listen to music by myself, and sometimes, I discovered with my friends to chill together. Let’s have a look, what kind of cafes that I found.

Cattani, Brno

My first discovery was at Monro (Kava-Kavarna-Prazirna) Cafe. Walking distance to Ceska stop. It was a place selling specialty coffees. I ordered cappuccino and chocolate cookie. Monro Cafe smelt coffee abundantly. That was so gorgeous for me. Also, coffee and cookie both were delicious (Total Price 88 CZK)

Cattani also was a nice Italian restaurant. It was hard to find a place for Sunday evening. But at least we found Cattani and was a pretty nice place. I ordered a cappuccino. Also, all cafes, restaurants in Brno bring water with coffee, food, etc. In Istanbul, this is not common. We have to pay for water.

Note: If you want to find a place on Sunday evenings to take coffee before you go check it out, opening and closing hours of cafes. (Price 40 CZK)

Tap Room, Brno

Another discovery was the Tap Room cafe that I went to read the book. It was also very close to the Ceska stop. Actually, it wasn't a cafe that only sells coffee and dessert. But I chose it because I liked the ambiance and the light of the place. I ordered Cappuccino again because I think Cappuccino is my favorite drink. I'm not a gourmet so can't choose which place was better. What is important to me is the ambiance of the place. (49 CZK)

V melounovem cukru, Brno

The fourth cafe is V melounovem cukru. It was close to the Main Train Station. I've decided to try a new coffee there. Of course, it was not a very different coffee from cappuccino. I ordered ice Cappuccino with salted caramel. I think it was the most delicious ice cappuccino I've ever drink. Normally also, I like to drink frappuccino but this coffee was great. You should definitely try it. (54 CZK)

Point Cafe, Brno

With my friend, I found a place to sit on the street part of Point Cafe which is right next to the clock tower in the city center. During the summer, sometimes you just want to drink something cold. It was one of those moments that's why I ordered ice latte. A place I can recommend to those who love latte with almost no sugar. You can drink and chill in the afternoon with your coffee there. (Price of 64 CZK)

Bukovsky Cuk, Brno

I started to explore cafes far from the city center. One of them was Bukovsky Cuk, which is very close to the Tabor stop. Very tasty desserts, cakes available. I tried the blueberry cookies with the cappuccino. (94 CZK for both)

I hope you can also go to one of these coffee shops and enjoy the moment. Have a nice day with a nice coffee.


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