Where to meet new people when you just moved to Prague

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

It’s always hard to start a new life in a different city, especially when you have never been there before, and you don’t speak the local language, so what you do in this situation? Well, sit tight because we’ve got the answers for you right here!

Prague by Anthony DELANOIX

Since I always think of myself as a digital Nomad, the first thing I do when I arrive in a new city, I look up in the internet for international groups, there are some great starting points that I’m going to mention down below, these websites are very big and with a huge following of expats, so surely you will find a group that you feel comfortable in.

Coffee shop by Toa Heftiba

First stop is Couchsurfing.com, this website is mainly for people who want to pull up their backpacks and go travel on the ultra-low budget by sleeping on other people’s couch, but couch surfing has a huge community for people who live in different cities and just want to hang out. As a member, you can start a new event and invite everyone to join you in a cool café for an afternoon.

If inviting foreigners to your event is not your thing then lookup internations.org, it’s the place for expats from a singular nation to gather around in a foreign city. This way you might less feel homesick because you have your own fellow countryman around you who speak the same language as you and can keep you company in a familiar setting.

People Laughing by Priscilla Du Preez

But wait! don’t stop there! There are more ways to find similar minded people around, if you like to drink and socialize with others we have a few bars to suggest which are famous for classy and international crowds, first up google Hemingway Bar which is located near the Charles bridge and offers many types of cocktails and specially crafted drinks, next up is Cash Only Bar which is literally cash only so don’t forget to put some cash in your wallet as they don’t accept credit cards and keep in mind that it’s a nonsmoking bar so put those cigarettes out for this one. The bar is owned by the same people who run the Hemingway and the two are physically very close to each other so if you visit one and you don’t like the atmosphere you can easily maneuver your way around the other bar to see what’s happening in there.

As we imagine living as an expat is not always sunshine and rainbows, for that reason if you ever need to answer your burning questions about Prague or simply looking for a restaurant recommendation, check out the Facebook community - CrowdSauce CZ, which is powered by the famous expat website expats.cz. In this Facebook group, you can find answers to any type of questions, places to buy specific grocery items, novelty bars or simply how to pronounce a certain Czech word, crowd sauce has you covered.

CrowdSauce CZ poster

For the socialites who like to attend different events, we recommend you to check out the event section of the Prague.eu database. It’s full of recommendation for concerts, seasonal events, and exhibitions. The page has been categorized into different genres to make it easier for the viewers to see the events that they are interested in. Pretty much they have everyone covered, no matter what kind of event you are looking for, there is something for you sitting on that page, so be sure to check it out at least couple of times a month since the events change regularly. Most of the times the events include a map to the physical location of the event to make it easier for foreigners to find them and usually if a ticket is required to attend the event you will find a link on the event’s page to buy the necessary means to attend the event.  

For the naughty ones who are looking for a different type of experience, check out the Ambassador hotel, casino and gentlemen’s club, the complex is situated in one of the most convenient places in Prague, close to the metro and other transportation means and it offers many types of attractions, high-class restaurant, well-equipped spa, and wellness center with trained professionals, casino with gambling machines and poker tables and card games, and finally a gentlemen’s club which is owned and operated by the hotel which offers music all night long and burlesque shows, plus there is no entry fee for the casino and the club.

Casino table by Kay

Finally, check out our website www.aventouro.eu which specializes in organizing trips for expats from all around the world to go on physical adventures in outdoor settings around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We organize hiking, trekking tours in national parks in both countries and canoeing on rivers in Slovakia and visit different historical sites. So be sure to check out our website to learn more about our exciting trips!

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Author: Mohammad Movahed

Photos: AvenTouro, Hemming Way Bar, Cash Only Bar, Unsplash


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