Why the Czech Republic is your next ideal Expat destination?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

If you looking for an internship, a new job or an exchange study somewhere in Europe, Czechia (a.k.a the Czech Republic) might be a perfect option.

Prague, Czechia by Jay Dantinne

Best place to work

Working together by Brooke Cagle

A 2018 survey from InterNations Expat Insider ranks Czechia as the 10th top Expat destination. When it comes to working abroad, the country is among the top three thanks to the high level of job security as well as the stable state of economy. Moreover, female expats ranked Czechia as their best country to work abroad in the latest Expat Insider survey. Besides, global talents are

greatly appreciated and retained here. Variety of companies always welcome foreign workers and offer quality training programs as well.

Not to mention the low unemployment rate among the EU countries and numerous available positions in the job markets, it would certainly raise your opportunities to land a suitable job.

High quality of life

In terms of quality of life including leisure options, personal happiness, travel & transport, health & well-being, safety & security and digital life, Czechia recently secures the 6th place among 68 countries in Expat Insider survey. Particularly, travel and well-being aspects are the most valuable strengths of the nation. Another report from Global Peace Index rates Czechia as the 7th-safest country in the world with fairly low rate of crime.

Quality of Life Index 2018 by InterNations

The country has proudly landed in the top 20 world happiness countries for the very first time this year. While the U.S has showed a downward trend since 2017, Czechia constantly ranks higher each year in the annual World Happiness Report. With the continuous development, the country are trying to offer the most benefits for its citizens as well as foreigners.

Stunning travel destinations

There are plenty of beautiful towns, national parks, etc. to explore besides the famous Prague. Czechia is known to be the land of castles with high density of over 2,000 castles, keeps, and castle ruins all over the country. Some of the most charming castles are Kost Castle in Bohemian Paradise and Karlstejn Castle in Karlstejn town, which is only 40 minutes by train from Prague.

The country is hikers' favorite place as the country is almost entirely surrounded by mountains offering various picturesque landscapes and interesting routes. Furthermore, twelve Czech landmarks are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the Cultural Category. Additionally, with a wide range of geological features from rock formations to plants and animals, Bohemian Paradise is recognized as the only UNESCO Global Geopark in Czech Republic.

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Lovely people

Czech people are really supportive to expats. All you need to do is just ask, they would gladly help. They might seem reserved in the first place, but once you get to know them, you would love their cheerful and hospitable character.

Zoey by AvenTouro

One lovely thing about Czech people is that they love animals. The country is definitely a dog nation and dogs are welcomed in most places from parks to even a cinema called Aero letting you bring dogs in, of course on a leash. Many offices and some schools allowed you to bring your lovely friends to work as well. Another reason for you to find a job here!

With these four aspects and probably many other great things about the Czech Republic, it should definitely be on your expat destination list.

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Author: Chau Hoang

Photo: Unsplash, Megapixl

Source: Expats.cz, InterNations Expat Insider, Slavorum, UNESCO, Jobspin

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